Rudolf Kale Artist, Painter

Rudolf Kale is a local Artist, painter living and working in Croatia. He was born on the 13 October 1977 in Zagreb.

Rudolf spent the majority of his childhood in Zagreb and the summers in Pirovac. He discovered there already a fascination about the colorful nature, and an interest in the diversity of motives such as historical buildings, streets and the fishing boats coming in to the harbor.

Rudolf had his mother Maja Kale, who is a formally educated painter as a teacher and he expanded his skills over the years.

Rudolf creates his paintings on Canvas using Acrylic or Oils to capture his vibrant surroundings nature and history provides. He feels that his paintings are his gift to the World, he is always looking for new motives to capture the moment, and he loves to share these moments.

Rudolf displays his Artwork in his shop on Lopud , Hotel Zagreb and at various other exhibitions.

Rudolf Kale

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