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Zagreb Hotel started to operate as a hotel in 1932, its first owner being Vincenzo Squiccimarro.
After World War II, the hotel was nationalized. During this period it operated as a health resort for a youth association.
In the late 70s, the hotel was used as the Head Office of Hotelsko poduzece Dubrovnik, the hotel company that owned the majority of hotels in Dubrovnik.

During the Patriotic War in Croatia (1991 – 1995), the hotel accommodated the Croatian Army headquarters in Dubrovnik defended by military forces under the command of Nojko Marinovic. The hotel played an important role in the survival of Dubrovnik during the Patriotic War. In the headquarters located in the hotel the military staff made the key decisions that had a profound effect on the future of the city. In summer 2012, the hotel site was turned into a film shooting ground for the documentary movie "The Secrets of the Victory” ("Zagonetka pobjede”), which was dedicated to these historic events (http://zagonetkapobjede.wix.com/dubrovnik-rat-1991). Retired general Nojko Marinovic recollects those days that were difficult, but so important for the city’s history. He points out the significance of the Zagreb Hotel in the history of Croatia.

We preserve and continue the traditions of one of the oldest hotels on the Adriatic coast. Its classical elegance and flowing lines give it a certain charm and make it stand out among the many other hotels in Lapad Bay.

We look forward to seeing you at Zagreb Hotel. Let us know if you need any help organizing a recreational activity or tour.

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